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Read some of the things people are saying about Alsatian Soaps:

My friend had a superficial burn on her hand, and it healed up almost immediately after using the lotion bar just once a day. Karen is a middle school woodshop teacher, and works with wood every day, and her hands are usually dry and scaly despite trying many lotions, even prescription creams. She is letting other teachers try it and I predict you will be getting several orders from New Hampshire soon! I wanted to thank you for your product and let you know that it really is the best out there for hands that are extra dry and rough. I wish you made a giant body sized bar, ha!
Amy RN - North Carolina

I'm now a total convert to your knitters hand lotion and soap. I have tried so many products here in the UK and nothing comes near to yours.
Andrea - UK

I use Jumping jenny's for my dry and cracked feet, especially in the summer when I wear flip flops and without it my feet crack badly. This product is great and I would recommend it to anyone who has dry cracked feet.
Mark - Reno, NV

I have a basset hound and I have been rubbing a little Jumping Jenny's on her paws. It helps protects them when we are hiking in the woods. And she doesn't mind at all.
Nicholette - Oregon

I have used Jumping Jenny's (now Harry & Louise) for years and love the product especially on my feet. It heals cracks and leaves my feet feeling like I had a pedicure. I massage it into my feet and then put socks on, which helps it absorb better.
Melanie - Reno, NV

I use Jumping jenny's for my dry cracked hands and feet. It really helps keep my skin moist as my hands are in water all day, I clean houses for my job and my hands were always dry. Not any more with this fabulous product.
Tracey - Sparks NV

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